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New Home Inspections

Buying a new home in Perth? Then you really need to get a home inspection done by an experienced builder. You should have your new property inspected as early in the buying process as possible.

Call Peter today to book an inspection ASAP if you have already started the house buying process.


If your space is getting a little too cramped, then it might be time to look at adding to your home. Peter has many years of experience extending and adding to Perth homes. Make your space less cramped and help give your house so much more value.

Most common additions:

Two Story Additions

Is life getting a little crowded on the ground floor? Thanks to innovative construction technology it’s now possible to add a second story to your home in a much shorter time frame then you’d think.

The complexity of a two story house addition means it should ALWAYS be handled by qualified professionals. Peter will work with you to ensure your floor addition is cohesive and that the second story matches the style of your home.

Bathroom Remodelling

Whether it’s a simple powder room or a master ensuite you deserve a functional, beautiful bathroom. Let’s face it, the bathroom is the first thing you see in the morning so you want to love it. Getting a bathroom remodel will add value to your home and value to your morning routine.

Peter is always happy to work with you to ensure that any particulars can be catered to.

Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchens can age roughly and given how much abuse a kitchen can see in its lifetime it’s not surprising that many Perth Homeowners want a kitchen makeover.

A Perth Kitchen Renovation can be tailored to your budget. Whether your budget is high or low, Peter is more than happy to work to your requirements and be realistic with you so that you understand how far your money will go in a kitchen renovation.

Ensuite Creation

Adding an ensuite will not only improve a master bedroom but will add value to your property. It is recommended that a home have one bathroom for every two to three bedrooms, so if you need another bathroom and space is at a premium, an ensuite might be the way to go.

Peter can talk to you about the best way to go about installing an ensuite, whether by splitting up a large room or by fully converting a small, unused space,

Knocking Out of Walls

Some projects will require a wall to be knocked down or through and for this having someone who knows what they are doing is crucial. Removing the wrong wall or removing a wall the wrong way can severely damage or even destroy a building. Peter is a qualified professional who knows how to safely knock through or remove walls without risking your home and health.

Roof Supports

Any major renovation that affects your roof can also affect your roof supports. Having this handeled by a qualified professional is just as crucial as when dealing with wall removal or modification.


Does your roof need a revamp? We can do tile to metal, or metal to new metal. No matter what look you’re going for we can help create it.

Shire Licences

Obtaining a Shire Licence to build up or out on your land can be a lengthy and painful process if you don’t know what you’re doing. With years of experience Peter can help you get everything quickly and easily approved.

Window Replacement

Glass is expensive and can be hazardous if mishandled, so it’s recommended to get a qualified professional to handle your window renovation needs. Whether it’s a broken or damaged window in your home or installation of new windows as part of a renovation, Peter has the skills and experience to get the new panes in place quickly and safely.

Wall Rendering

Is your home getting a little tired? Wall rendering can make a house look more modern, helping your property look brighter and newer!

Sand finish rendering to pebble dash or acrylic render, fine or course, textured or smooth, natural coloured or pigmented, Perth Rennovations can handle it all!

Internal Wall and Structural Changes

Structural changes in a home should never be attempted by anyone except a qualified professional. Poorly planned or executed changes can risk the whole house coming down! A professional will know how to modify your property without risking structural damage or worse.

House Remodelling

Most of us have a limited amount of money to invest in a renovation, and we all want to be smart about the money we spend. There are many aspects of a house that could be upgraded, and often people do not consider them all until after starting the renovation process.

Perth Renovations specialise in Custom Design and Build solutions for Whole House Renovations. When you meet with Peter for your free consultation, you’ll receive the benefit of years of experience with stylish, practical and cost-effective design solutions.

The benefits of one company handling your project from start to finish will ensure that nothing is left out in the final detailing of your renovation. You can confidently arrange your financing without the stress and worry of overextending your budget.

Business Remodelling

While remodelling your business can be a huge expense, the work is likely to result in a big boost to your bottom line. The financial return on a remodelling investment has the potential to be substantial.

Talk to Peter today about a free design consultation. He’ll be able to take you through what we can offer you, no matter what type of remodelling you require.

Commercial Additions

Adding onto your business is a big step. Making an investment in your work and your future is both an exciting and overwhelming venture. Peter’s years of experience will help you work towards your business goals.

Factory Unit Offices

Create an office space out of a factory space. It will be cost effective and working with Peter ensures it will also be beautiful.

Disabled Access Modifications

It is required by Western Australian law that your business be disabled accessible. This can be a rather finicky process as there are many laws and regulations covering what you can and can’t do. You should always have a qualified builder install any required components.

As for home access, this can be even trickier. Homes often contain tighter spaces and sharper corners than are found in an office environment. Peter has worked with these types of situations before and can ensure the best solution for your needs.

New Homes

Starting the journey of building your dream Perth Home? Peter will work with you to get your dream home underway. No matter the style or look you want we can ensure that your home will be both beautiful and functional.

Custom Home Builds

Create a home that is truly yours, be involved in the design process and have your custom home built by a qualified professional such as Peter Barnes.

Design consultation only includes the general sketch for any changes or additions to that there is a cost of $495 to cover the hours needed to redraw. However, if you go with Peter for your renovation the price will be reducted from the final bill.


Car Port and Driveway

Bathroom Renovation

Detailed Ceiling Lining

Office Breakroom Renovation

Full Renovation & Second Story Addition Including Re-roofing - Kensignton

Full Renovation & Second Story Addition - Brentwood

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