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Looking to add value and space to your home?

If your space is getting a little too cramped, then it might be time to look at adding to your home. Peter has many years of experience extending and adding to Perth homes. Make your space less cramped and help give your house so much more value.
Types of additions are most common:
Design consultation only includes the general sketch for any changes or additions to that there is a cost of $495 to cover the hours needed to redraw. However, if you go with Peter for your renovation the price will be reducted from the final bill.


Kitchen and Dining Room Renovation

Full Renovation & Second Story Addition Including Changing From Roof Tiles - Sorrento

Warehouse unit

Full Renovation & Second Story Addtion - Kensington

Bathroom Renovations

Full Renovation & Second Story Addtion including tiles to colour bond - Mt Pleasant

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